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Shut off the water supply quickly with the FlexiSnap® access panel

How do I increase the water pressure in my shower?

Of course, the flow of running water is not something we can adjust at will, but there is a trick to maximizing it: clean the showerhead.

Although translucent and odourless, water contains sediments that, over time, leave residues in their wake. As a result, the small holes in the shower head gradually become clogged and less water can flow through them, causing a decrease in water flow in the shower.

Maintaining the shower head helps to regulate the water flow

Cleaning the shower head is recommended to remove excess soap and other residues that have built up.

A simple descaling with vinegar is an effective solution to achieve this. Simply soak the shower head overnight so that the limescale deposits and various impurities are loosened. If necessary, scrub with a toothbrush. Then rinse with warm water and screw the head back on tightly.

Why turn off the water to clean the shower head?

It is recommended that the water supply be turned off before doing any maintenance or repairs to plumbing, fittings and pipes to avoid any accidents that could cause water damage.

How do I turn off the water?

To turn off the water supply, locate the access panel, which is usually found on the other side of the shower wall where the valves are located. Open the panel and turn the handle on the pipe to stop the water supply.

When the valves that control the water supply are located inside the walls, you need to have quick access to them at all times.

Quickly reach plumbing in walls and ceilings with the FlexiSnap® access panel

Easily adjustable to the size of the opening, the FlexiSnap® magnetic access panel opens and closes the space in an instant, giving you access to pipes, fittings, electrical wiring, and other key elements of the house that are located inside walls and ceilings.

With FlexiSnap® access panels, it’s simple and easy to organize your bathroom or laundry room and maintain the decor and aesthetics of each room.


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