DIY Projects

How to Organize Your Laundry Room

Running out of ideas on how to organize your laundry room? Here are a few simple and easy DIY projects to help you quickly get rid of the clutter!

Hide YOUR Water Inlet

Looking to hide the water inlet that is ruining your perfect Martha Stewart inspired laundry room decor? Choose to install the FlexiSnap magnetic access panel. It will hide the water inlet and allow you to quickly access the fixture when needed. The panel is easy to install and it offers a seamless finish.








Decoration idea: The FlexiSnap magnetic access door and panel can easily blend with your decor. You can either paint it or cover it with wall paper.


Organize Cleaning Supplies

Clean out your laundry room cabinets and organize them by placing your various cleaning supplies in identified plastic bins. Each bin should be associated to a product category. This will allow you to maintain tidy cabinets and help you rapidly spot the cleaning supplies that you need when performing household chores.

Recommended categories: bathroom cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, kitchen cleaning supplies, carpet detergents, floor cleaning products, furniture polishes and cleaners, drain cleaners, dusting tools, and bleaches.

The items you will need for this DIY project are the following: plastic bins, labels and a black marker.


DIY Laundry Drying Rod

Lack of space is a common obstacle in most laundry rooms. It is especially an issue when you’re looking for a spot to hang the clothes that cannot be placed in the dryer. To solve this problem, why not hang a steel rod or two from your laundry room ceiling?

Decoration idea: Don’t hesitate to paint the rods so they blend perfectly with your decor.




Hang Your Ironing Board

Looking for another idea to help you organize your laundry room? Why not hang your ironing board onto an empty wall? You simply need to solidly nail two sturdy hooks to your wall, and voila!

Tip: Do you own a wall-mounted coat rack that you do not use anymore? If so, repurpose it by using two (2) of its hooks for this project.






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