DIY Projects

A purpose for every room

Whether you’re a renovation pro or a die-hard DIY’er, FlexiSnap* makes things simple for you. Here’s why.



Minor electrical or plumbing repairs and maintenance can be a real nightmare when the equipment you need is hard to reach. Imagine fixing a leaky pipe without creating holes in your walls!


Easily accessing the basement ceiling!

Why choose FlexiSnap* over other access panels on the market? For their powerful magnets: they provide a solid installation, even on the ceiling. Available in three different sizes, they allow you to hide electrical wires and plumbing fixtures behind the basement ceiling, without restricting access when you need them.


Water inlets must always be within reach!

In a blink of an eye, water can create serious damage to your house! To prevent these types of problems, homeowners must be able to access their water inlets quickly and easily. The removable FlexiSnap* magnetic access panels allow you to act fast in a crisis, but otherwise, remain unnoticed.








These days, minimalism is becoming a popular decorating trend for householders. However, if not organized properly, electrical wires and pipes can create cluttered spaces. Fortunately, the FlexiSnap* magnetic access door gives you complete access and can seamlessly blend into any décor.


Hide wires in the living room, office and bedroom!

Wires for computers, TVs, home cinema systems, sound systems and even routers are a puzzle to solve when setting up a room. FlexiSnap* access doors are not only quick to install; they are also easy to conceal. Paint them any shade you want or dress them up with wallpaper.






Keep sink and bath plumbing close at hand!

Many bathrooms have elevated vanities or baths that require plumbing to be installed inside the walls. This makes it difficult to reach the pipes in case of a problem. But you can easily resolve that issue with a magnetic access door!







You see? FlexiSnap* hides anything and everything!


*Registered trademark of Les industries Cendrex inc.