DIY Projects

How to Organize Your Bathroom

Lacking inspiration to organize your bathroom? Below are suggestions of easy DIY projects to achieve a beautiful, functional and uncluttered bathroom!


Access Plumbing Pipes

In order to easily access the plumbing fixtures located behind your bathroom wall, we recommend you install the FlexiSnap* magnetic access door and panel, as demonstrated in the Pratico-Pratiques video below.



You simply need to follow our easy 3-step installation guide to properly install the panel.

Decoration idea: Did you know that you could paint the FlexiSnap access door or even cover it with wall paper? It can be perfectly adjusted to all decor!


Bathroom Towel Storage

Why not store your towels in nesting baskets mounted to an empty wall in your bathroom? This organization idea is both practical and trendy!

Once installed, stack the towels in the baskets as desired and use the free space in your cabinets to store other essential items.

Tip: Note that you can use these baskets to store other items, such as toilet paper rolls, tissue paper boxes and books.



Bathroom Drawer Organization

Are you trying to unclutter the drawers in your vanity?

If you wish to do so, we suggest you place a few small plastic or fabric baskets in your drawers to properly divide the space. You’ll then be able to easily find an item when needed.




Hair Tool Storage Ideas

Bulky items, such as hair styling tools and appliances, often occupy a large amount of space in our bathroom cabinets.

Clear your drawers and store these valuable tools by first applying plastic adhesive hooks to your vanity doors. Then, wrap the electric cord tightly around the hooks so your hair dryer, your flat iron and your curling iron will stay neatly in its place.







*Trademark of Les industries Cendrex inc.