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Interior design: What’s new in 2019?

When it comes to trends in home decor, every year is out with the old, in with the new. Curious about this year’s hottest trends? They’re all right here!


All the colours of the rainbow

The popularity of muted neutral shades of white, beige and grey is waning, and deep, bold colours are back! Dark green, midnight blue, ochre, terra cotta, old rose, violet, orange… These trendy colours can, not only give drab, colourless walls new life but can also brighten furniture and accessories.

Bye, bye minimalism!

Cold, sterile, empty spaces were so last year! We want our living spaces to be warm and inviting. We want our house to tell a story—the story of our life. Have you been hiding away your books, dinnerware and vacation souvenirs these past few years in an attempt at extreme de-cluttering? Well, fish them out and dust them off, because it’s their time to shine.

Some items can enhance your space, while others fail to do so. Just think of the tangled wires and cables in your living room, or the water inlets in your laundry room. Sure, these things are useful, but do they need to be so cumbersome? Not anymore! Hide unsightly pipes and wires behind our elegant FlexiSnap magnetic access doors. Not only are they a cinch to install, but you can also easily remove them whenever you need to reach whatever is concealed behind them. Plus, the panels can be painted the same colour as your walls and go completely unseen!


Velvet is back

We saw it on the catwalk last year; now it’s strutting its stuff right into our homes! Velvet is a signature Art Deco texture. It’s the perfect complement to refine materials such as marble, brass, wood and cut glass (or crystal) for a 1930s‑inspired vintage chic look. Pssst! If you’re a fan, ribbed velvet is also making a strong comeback!

Curved lines

Believe it or not, in recent years, straight lines have dominated interior design. But now, curves are the crave – and we’re loving it! Thanks to this trend, rounded edges found in furniture, faucets, light fixtures, and decorative accessories can bring a touch of warmth and comfort to our homes.