DIY Projects

How to Organize Your Living Room

The living room is one of the most comforting rooms in the house and usually the most visited by all family members. Therefore, it is essential that this room be well organized to ensure a clean, relaxing and welcoming environment for everyone.

Below are a few DIY projects to help you refine your home decor.


Hide Wires, Cables and the Router

Not certain how to easily and quickly hide the wires, the cables and the router that are cluttering your living room? Simply opt for the FlexiSnap access door and panel, a fully adjustable product that is easy to install and that offers a quality finish.

The FlexiSnap access door and panel will allow you to easily slide your television wires behind your wall, and hide the extra cables that are lying around the room. You may also keep your modem or your router out of sight by placing them behind the panel. Installing this product will grant you access to these items at all times and unclutter the surface of your television cabinet.



Tip: Did you know that you could paint the FlexiSnap access door and panel or cover it with wallpaper? As shown in the Pratico-Pratiques video, we recommend that you complete this step before closing your panel.


Store Remote Controls and Video Game Controllers

Television remote controls often disappear in our homes in the most

mysterious ways. We find them in places they shouldn’t be like, for instance, between the couch cushions or in another room entirely. This problem can be solved quickly and efficiently with velcro!

First of all, find a long adhesive velcro strip and cut it into smaller pieces. Next, spot an available surface in your television cabinet and stick one of the two sides of the adhesive velcro strips. Once this step is completed, place the second side of the strips onto your remote controls and/or video game controllers. You will then be able to properly store these items in your television cabinet.

You’ll see; they’ll stop disappearing … Or at least you’ll have tried!


Hang Plants from the Ceiling

Are you a plant lover, but don’t have enough space to add some greenery in your living room? Why not hang a few plants from your ceiling?

For this DIY project, you will need a few small terracotta flower pots, some square shaped wooden pallets, as well as some stiff rope and a solid hook to hang your creation.

Decoration idea: Don’t hesitate to paint the terracotta flower pots in a shade that will perfectly blend into your decor.



Store Throws and Pillows

Place the pillows and the throws that are scattered around your living room in a large nesting basket or hang them on a wooden ladder.

These ideas are both trendy and practical and will certainly help you unclutter your living space.







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