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How to clean control valves & avoid water damage – FlexiSnap

How to clean control valves & avoid water damage  

No one likes to be faced with water damage, flooding, or sewer backflows in their basement. Yet, there are simple preventive measures that can be taken to avoid these inconveniences, such as cleaning the control valve.

What is a control valve? 

A control valve is a mandatory device that prevents basement sewer back-ups in buildings. This backwater valve is added to the drainage system and allows wastewater to flow in one direction, i.e., towards the outlet. As a result, water cannot flow back through floor drains or fixtures and cause water damage to the basement. 

The control valve must be easily accessible, for example, hidden behind a FlexiSnap® magnetic door, because it is important to carry out maintenance on the control valve twice a year to remove any sediment, residue, and debris that may become lodged in it and cause leaks and water damage. 

Where is the control valve?

First, locate the control valve behind the access panel. Look on the basement walls, very close to the floor. If the control valve is hidden behind a FlexiSnap® magnetic access door, it could be hard to find as it blends so well into every setting. 

How to clean the control valve in 8 steps

  1. Open the control valve access panel. 
  2. Unscrew the cap or cover. 
  3. Carefully remove the flap gate (valve). 
  4. Check the seal tightness. 
  5. Remove all fragments and clean any sediment from the hinge. 
  6. Clean the control valve and put it back it in the proper direction. 
  7. Firmly screw the cover or cap back on. 
  8. Put the access panel back in place to close the opening. 

Cleaning the control valve: the responsibility of every homeowner 

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain accessibility to the control valve and other plumbing devices so that it can easily be cleaned. Using a FlexiSnap® access door allows easy and quick access at any time to the various valves in the bathroom or laundry room walls. 

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