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Installing a microwave with a built-in hood and accessing the exhaust pipe

When the exhaust pipe of a microwave with a built-in hood is not accessible, installing this device can be a real headache, especially if you’re not very handy. The good news is that there is an effective solution available to allow access to anyone, even the least DIY people, i.e., installing a FlexiSnap access panel!


Sylvie wants to install her new microwave with a built-in hood. The problem is that the hood exhaust pipe is located behind the kitchen cabinet and therefore is not accessible for the installation. She wonders how to overcome this problem.

Solution: The FlexiSnap panel

To access the exhaust pipe, Sylvie makes an opening in her cabinet. Thanks to the FlexiSnap magnetic access panel, she can camouflage the opening in an aesthetic way and, above all, have access to the exhaust pipe at all times in case of failure, repair or maintenance. Sylvie is reassured: this option is so simple that she can do the installation herself, without having to call in a professional.

Note that if she didn’t have cabinets, Sylvie could have made an opening on a gypsum or wooden wall without compromising the kitchen’s visual harmony since the FlexiSnap panel has a very discreet appearance. If you wish, you can paint or cover the door with self-adhesive wall tile or wallpaper; this will make the panel inconspicuous and no one will even know it’s there.

For the steps required to put wallpaper on your FlexiSnap panel, see our article How to install wallpaper without losing access to the water pipes behind your wall.


Hardware Requirements

  • FlexiSnap Access Panel

・ Lead pencil



  1. Using the template provided in the package and the bubble level, mark the opening for the FlexiSnap door with a pencil. Follow the markings and make an opening with a retractable blade or gypsum knife.
    2.Adjust the panel frame to the appropriate dimensions and insert it into the opening. Fold the metal tabs on all sides.
    3. Insert the safety cables into the space behind the panel, and install the panel with the magnets.


Watch this video for easy installation!

If the panel is in a cabinet, access to the exhaust pipe of a microwave oven with a built-in hood will be completely inconspicuous. If installed on the wall, it will provide easy, discreet access. Whether you are experienced in manual work or not, FlexiSnap is the solution of choice to solve your problems simply and efficiently!


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