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How to install wallpaper without losing access to the water pipes behind your wall

What should you do when you want to paper a wall that has water pipes right in the middle? Don’t let something like this stop you! FlexiSnap magnetic access panels allow you to put up your favourite wallpaper without sacrificing access to the water pipes.



Sylvie wants to renovate her kitchen. To spruce up this space, she would like to get in on the trend for wallpaper. The problem is that the water supply for her washing machine is located inside a wall in the middle of her kitchen! The wall already has a hole concealed behind a shelving unit.



Solution: A FlexiSnap panel

Installing a magnetic FlexiSnap panel allows Sylvie to conceal the hole, maintain access to the water service and install wallpaper to achieve the aesthetic result she has in mind. The panel comes in three adjustable sizes to fit the dimensions of the wall opening. In this case, all Sylvie has to do is enlarge the existing hole and discreetly install the appropriate size access panel.

Steps: Apply wallpaper and use a FlexiSnap panel to conceal the water pipes

Here’s a list of what you’ll need to install your panel


Hardware Requirements

  • FlexiSnap Access Panel
  • Your choice of wallpaper
  • Wallpaper adhesive
  • Paint roller



  1. Before beginning, make sure the hole in your wall is smaller than one of the three panel sizes so that you can enlarge the hole.
  2. Install the wallpaper on the entire wall.
  3. Put aside an extra piece of wallpaper to cover the FlexiSnap panel. Make sure that this additional piece fits properly with the pattern of your wallpaper.
  4. Install the FlexiSnap access panel. View our video to see just how simple this is:


  1. Before putting the FlexiSnap panel back on the wall, paste the reserved piece of wallpaper (Step 3) on the panel and you’re done!



Having pipes in your walls is no barrier to fulfilling your decorating aspirations. The FlexiSnap access panel is a practical and aesthetic solution for this type of problem. Wondering where to get your FlexiSnap? Locate one of our retailers near you!