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Houses are going eco for a healthier planet.

Recycling, carpooling, buying local and going plastic-free: in the era of climate change, there are many things we can do to minimize our carbon footprint.


Currently, many consumers are environmentally conscious, which directly affect their purchasing decisions. For example, in the housing industry, eco-houses are a growing market and are slowly becoming the norm for new construction.


These homes are built primarily of sustainable and energy-efficient materials like hardwood, three-component concrete, cellulose, and recycled rubber to minimize their environmental impact. They are intelligently designed to withstand the test of time.


Eco-houses come in all shapes and sizes! They range from self-sufficient tiny houses to certified energy‑efficient housing complexes. There’s no question that environmentally responsible construction is booming—and trending. And we’re not just talking about new construction; green makeovers for existing homes are in demand as well. This is exciting news for our planet!


Sustainability is at the heart of FlexiSnap’s design because each access panel is made from high-quality materials that contribute to the product’s extensive lifespan. Homeowners and professionals can reuse this door on several projects since the FlexiSnap is built with sturdy metal plates, fitted with powerful magnets. Also, the design can earn a building points to obtain a LEED certification, the international reference for energy-efficient and green construction standards.