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Conceal your wires by embedding them in the wall

We all agree that visible wires are an eyesore! Think of the wires from your TV, router or modem, electrical appliances or all the other clustered or conspicuous electrical wires throughout your house. The FlexiSnap magnetic access door installs easily and without the guesswork while also harmonizing beautifully with your décor.

Frequent problems 

Various tools can be used to hide unsightly wires, wiring and connections. However, some problems may be encountered:

  • Baseboards or cable covers may be visible or not blend in with the décor.
  • The result may be amateurish and unsightly and may not last.
  • Easy access to connections if equipment breaks or needs to be replaced may be sacrificed.
  • You may run into a difficult installation requiring several hours and several attempts.



Solution: Embed your wires in the wall using a FlexiSnap access door.

Embedding wiring in the wall can be difficult and time consuming if you lack the necessary expertise. Since you can easily install a FlexiSnap access door yourself, this is the ideal tool to help you hide your wires behind a wall. Here are some other advantages:

  • Installation is easy and produces a professional result.
  • This is an effective and long-lasting DIY solution for concealing wires.
  • The size of the opening behind the panel facilitates the passage and handling of the wires.
  • The magnetic panel is easily removed. If an electronic device breaks or needs to be replaced, making new connections is easily done and without hassle.
  • With its discreet look, the FlexiSnap access door is a much more esthetically pleasing option than most solutions on the market. In addition, it can be installed at the bottom of the wall to hide it furniture and make the installation inconspicuous.


Our customers have done it!



Sylvie has just installed a TV and audio system in the waiting room of her office. After finalizing the décor, she realizes that electrical wires are sticking out everywhere and spoiling the look of her sleek Scandinavian-style furnishings.

Sylvie is looking for a long-lasting, affordable and professional solution to conceal these unsightly wires. Since she has a huge number to hide and needs to keep access to her connections in case of problems or if equipment has to be replaced, she decides to hide them behind the wall with a FlexiSnap access door. This way, she can do the installation herself, without too many complications.


Typical example: using a FlexiSnap door to hide TV cables.



Material needed

  • Stud sensor
  • Drill
  • Retractable blade knife, utility knife or any other tool for cutting the wall and making an opening
  • Scissors
  • FlexiSnap access door



  1. Turn off the power supply.
  2. Using the stud sensor, check for studs behind the wall.
  3. Drill two holes in the wall, one above the other and aligned with each other so that the wires can be passed through from bottom to top.



  1. Make an opening in the wall between the two pre-drilled holes to install the FlexiSnap access door. Ideally, install it towards the bottom of the wall. This way, it will be easier to conceal the panel with a TV stand, an electrical appliance, an accessory, etc.

Check out our installation video to see all the steps required to install the FlexiSnap access door in less than two minutes!

  1. If there is a crossbar, drill it to facilitate the passage of the cables.
  2. Connect the wires to the electrical outlet and start running them through the wall from the hole at the bottom of the wall to the hole at the top (this will be behind the TV). The FlexiSnap door opening will make it easier to pass the wires between the two holes in the wall.
  3. Install the access panel to conceal the wire access. If you didn’t intend to hide it behind a TV cabinet, you can paint the door or cover it with wallpaper depending on the decoration of the room.
  4. If desired, plug the hole at the bottom of the wall. This hole doesn’t need to be accessible, since all the wires converge in the access panel.
  5. Turn the power back on.


To see the installation steps and the results, check out this video!



Installing a FlexiSnap access door lets you say goodbye to difficult installations involving tangled wires that clutter your space – not to mention that this is also a great DIY project!

You can purchase your FlexiSnap door from one of our retailers listed here!