DIY Projects

Smart solutions for guaranteed success

When we carry out our renovation projects, we confront unforeseen events that force us to use our imagination! Small incidents that damage a wall, surprises, or discovery of unusual configurations are just a few examples of situations that may arise, and we must use our creativity to conceal orifices and cavities quickly.

During a regular installation, like setting up a frame, FlexiSnap products are the best option. Easy to install (they require very few tools), they are a quick, practical, and eye-pleasing solution!

However, whether it is a question of appearance, durability, or difficulty of installation, some projects require a solution with more specific functionalities. At Cendrex, the priority is to offer exclusive products that stand out for their elegance and unrivaled quality. Cendrex access panels allow versatile installation of walls and ceilings, all at a lower cost.

Since it does not require any wooden framing, the surface-mounted access door, commonly known as the “SFM,” is used for more problematic situations. In the photos illustrated below, fixing the water inlet of a condo required to cut a large hole in the wall.  Unfortunately, the opening cannot be concealed by a standard panel since the wooden board, and the metal rod makes it impossible to install a frame in the wall opening. In this case, homeowners should opt for an access panel that screws into the wall directly.

Photo of the opening   

Photo of the installed SFM