DIY Projects

Responsible, creative, intelligent décor

Like the seasons, trends and needs change over time. We think that creating your own decor and making the best use of space are exciting venues to explore, for the planet, for your wallet and for your well-being!


Affordable decorating


Paint: All you need is a lick of paint for a fresh new look. Maybe create an accent wall with paint or wallpaper for a pop of colour or an interesting focal point. Before redoing your kitchen, try to build a new ceramic or wood backsplash.









Plants: Have fun choosing from a wide variety of indoor plants in stores. Use what you have to make lovely planters, like baskets, mason jars, wooden boxes or even cotton or hemp bags!








Fabrics: Change your cushion covers, curtains or install a new rug. What could be easier? With a few dollars, you’ll get the fabric you love to make your own slipcovers and window dressings.










Doors and knobs: Changing the handles and knobs on a piece of furniture or painting a door is enough to recreate a room. For an even more creative touch, comb-through antique stores for fascinating antique  doors!








Storage for small spaces

Bedroom: You won’t believe how much you can store under the bed in boxes or in drawers! Putting up shelves, hooks and narrow storage containers behind doors will make great use of unused space.










Kitchen and bathroom: Look to the walls! Put up shelves and stainless steel bars to hang cooking tools, dishcloths and table linens. Choose attractive boxes and baskets to store and hide your bath products or cooking items.








Reuse to make it unique


Mason jars: Flower pots, pencil holders, bathroom storage, candle holders… Mason jars have a million and one uses! Give them some colour with a touch of paint.









Furniture: Why buy a new piece of furniture when you can refurbish what you have? Paint, add new knobs or even give it new life. For example, you can turn an old sideboard into a bathroom vanity. Check out what antique dealers and flea markets have to offer!








Using FlexiSnap* in your new decor

If you want intelligent storage, FlexiSnap* is an unbeatable choice! When your space is limited, use it to wrangle all your electronic wires. Trying to declutter a room? Hide bathroom pipes behind a magnetic panel. Sounds easy? It is! And FlexiSnap*  can even be painted or covered to match your room perfectly


*Trademark Les industries Cendrex Inc.