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Quick access to whirlpool bath systems with FlexiSnap®

The FlexiSnap® magnetic panel allows quick access to the pipes of your whirlpool bathtub while concealing it

When installing a whirlpool bathtub, it is essential to plan an optimal location for the access panel that will allow quick access to defective parts in the event of a breakdown, but also for the maintenance of mechanical systems, the motor, and the pipes.

In most cases, bathtubs equipped with air and water pressure injection systems must be built into a podium. However, it may happen that the electrical system of the whirlpool bath or the compressor of the therapeutic bathtub is not underneath it, but in the adjacent wall.

Put your mind at ease by hiding what you don’t want to see with FlexiSnap® access panels

Equipped with powerful magnets that allow the space to be opened and closed in a flash, the FlexiSnap® access panel allows easy access to the water supply, cables, electrical wires, and other household systems hidden in walls or ceilings.

The FlexiSnap® magnetic panel can be installed in just 2 minutes.
Available in 3 sizes, it is fully adjustable to square and rectangular openings.

With a matte white finish, the FlexiSnap® magnetic access panel blends into any environment and complements your decor with just a few brush strokes.

With FlexiSnap®, you have both convenience and aesthetics.

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