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New construction: Installing a gas fireplace insert in your hom


Thinking of installing a propane gas fireplace in your home? This type of installation has many advantages. Among other things, it features a real flame, increases your property value and injects an additional dose of heat into a room, even during a power outage. See an overview of the installation procedure and tips for taking the right steps when installing a gas fireplace insert in a new construction.


What you need to know:

  1. In Québec, installations require approval by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec and must be performed by a qualified person in order to limit the various risks associated with their use (fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, explosions).
  2. A propane fireplace needs to be connected to an outdoor tank that must be refilled several times a year, even in winter. An indoor fan must also be connected.
  3. The Régie du bâtiment du Québec recommends that you have your propane gas installation checked annually by a qualified person.
  4. It is important to maintain easy access at all times to a range of components, including various connections or lines, for maintenance and safety reasons.
  5. You need to plan where this access will be located before installing the gas fireplace.


Installing the access panel: Setting the scene

A couple decided to install a gas fireplace insert in a new construction and built a frame to accommodate the wire and pipe access panel.

Once the frame was in place, the electrical installations were made in the wall and the wires were run through.

Before closing the wall with gypsum, the location of the electrical installations was noted so that access could be maintained at all times.

Once the wall was covered with gypsum, the template included in the package was used to trace an opening of the appropriate size.

The FlexiSnap access panel was then installed.

To learn more about the installation steps, please watch the following video:




Here’s why the FlexiSnap panel is the best option when you want to install a propane gas fireplace:

  • If the fireplace remote control does not work or even during power outages, the fireplace can be operated using the manual switch hidden behind the FlexiSnap panel. The gas inlet allows the gas fireplace to be turned on or off manually.
  • The magnetic panel is easy to remove, providing easy access to wires and pipes. In case of breakage or replacement, new connections can be made in no time.
  • The panel installs in two minutes and the template included in the package allows for various openings.
  • You can make the panel less conspicuous by installing it at the bottom of the wall, or you can paint it or hide it behind a piece of furniture.






Visit the following link to purchase panels online or to locate a store: