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How to Baby Proof Your Home

The arrival of a newborn brings a lot of joy to a family, but also a lot of preparation and organization for parents. Have you thought of baby proofing your home? Here are a few ideas to help you plan your next steps.


Hide Plumbing FIXtuRES

Are your plumbing fixtures located behind the wall of your baby’s closet? If so, hide them in a secure and practical way with FlexiSnap*.

The magnetic access door and panel will allow you to hide the plumbing pipes that are exposed to your baby, but will also give you a quick and easy access to them when required.

Tip: By opting for the installation of the FlexiSnap magnetic access door and panel, you’ll be able to easily replace your outdated shower faucets when the time comes.


Baby Proof Your Drawers and Cabinets

Avoid unpleasant surprises and baby proof your drawers and cabinets located in any room. You simply need to install child safety locks to close them tightly. You’ll then be able to quickly and easily access your stored items while ensuring the safety of your little one.





Secure Blind Cords

Walk around your house and locate the window covering cords that could potentially be dangerous for your child.

You may secure the cords by sticking two (2) adhesive plastic hooks to your window frames at an unreachable height for your baby. Once the hooks installed, roll the cords around them.

Voila! Another problem solved!




Secure Large Furniture to A Wall

Your calm baby will eventually become a little monkey wanting to explore his surroundings and climb on every reachable surface, including your heavy furniture that could potentially tip over if unbalanced.

How to insure your child’s safety? Make sure to properly secure your furniture to your walls in order to prevent your child from getting hurt. We recommend anchoring them with furniture wall straps.

Here are some larger household items that should be anchored: dressers and wardrobes, entertainment units, tables as well as bookcases.




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