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How can you thaw your pipes in winter?

When the mercury drops, we have to make sure that none of the pipes freeze – or they might burst. But how do you spot a frozen pipe if it’s hidden in a wall? And how can you access it to solve the problem? The answer is as simple as installing a FlexiSnap!

Setting the scene

Sylvie observes traces of frost on a wall. As she gets closer, she can also feel that the wall is cold to the touch. These signs don’t lie: the pipe is probably frozen. She knows she must act quickly before it bursts. Otherwise, she could be faced with a more serious problem of water/wall damage that will need to be repaired. She wonders what the best way to access the pipe in the wall would be.

Solution: the FlexiSnap panel

Several solutions are available on the market to prevent frozen pipes. The easiest way to thaw a pipe is to use a heat source such as a hair dryer or lamp to melt the ice. This method is very effective, but when the pipe is in the wall it requires more time. One thing is certain: once you see that a pipe is already frozen, you have to get to it as soon as possible before it bursts!

A quick and easy solution to prevent damage is to install a FlexiSnap magnetic door: this will ensure that Sylvie has easy access to the pipes hidden in the walls whenever they need to be thawed. The pipes are usually located in the walls of the coldest areas, i.e., in the kitchen and near bathroom cabinets.


Equipment needed

  • FlexiSnap access door
  • Scissors
  • Retractable blade knife, drywall knife or any other tool for cutting the ceiling
  • Spirit level
  • Lead pencil


How to proceed

  1. Locate the pipe and install a FlexiSnap door. Watch this video to facilitate the installation:
  1. Remove the magnetic panel to gain access to the pipe.
  2. Check that the hose has not burst. If it has burst, turn off the water supply and contact a plumber.
  3. If it has not burst but is frozen, run a hair dryer evenly along the length of the pipe to thaw it. Do not press the dryer directly against the pipe as this could cause it to explode. Water should drain from the pipe as the pipe thaws.


FlexiSnap is a fast and efficient solution to ensure access to pipes in the wall at all times. So, if your pipes tend to freeze often, it will be easy to thaw them out faster with FlexiSnap!


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