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FlexiSnap Reviewed by a General Contractor

Curious to find out what differentiates FlexiSnap from the other access doors and panels available on the market and why you should use it?

We reached out to Mr. Robin Gratton, a 15-year eco-entrepreneur and President of Larix Construction, to get his feedback on the FlexiSnap* magnetic access door and panel, a product that he particularly appreciates for its robustness and its aesthetically pleasing look.


Where to Use FlexiSnap?

Besides hiding wires and pipes, the panel is occasionally used to easily access fireplaces. Typically, elbow type chimneys can be dangerous. For this reason, Mr. Gratton often installs panels like FlexiSnap when a quick and easy access to a chimney is required to clean ashes. It is the ideal product to install to avoid disasters.

Before opting for FlexiSnap, the eco-entrepreneur used to install panels equipped with a spring system. This product took him such an incredible amount of time to install and to adjust that he was relieved to find out that a product like the FlexiSnap magnetic access door and panel was finally available on the market!


The Advantages of FlexiSnap

The President of Larix Construction Inc. also shared with us the advantages of the FlexiSnap magnetic access door and panel.

According to the entrepreneur, the main factor that differentiates the panel from its competitors is the magnets. “The installation is a lot more solid thanks to these magnets”, Mr. Gratton confirms. He also mentions that the aesthetic aspect of the access panel particularly pleases his clients, and that its quick installation is ideal. In fact, he does not need to install half-timbering before inserting the panel. It’s always fun, and practical, to skip a step!



Did you know that the time required to install the FlexiSnap magnetic access door and panel can help you save costs by at least 35%? For example, on a total of 50 installed doors, the work time that is saved represents $900. This fact will certainly charm your clients!


A Cost-Effective, Local and LEED Product

If a passed contractor installed a client’s plumbing fixture, water inlet or cabling in an unusual part of their home, Mr. Gratton highly suggests this panel in order to quickly and easily access the elements that were misplaced. “It is a reliable, cost-effective and an aesthetically pleasing product. It’s ideal for my clients as well as for my business!”, says the businessman.

Another aspect of the FlexiSnap access door that he appreciates? The fact that it’s designed and manufactured in Canada. “It’s always nice to encourage local businesses.”, mentions Mr. Gratton.

The eco-entrepreneur also reminds us that the installation of the panel can help earn LEED* credits, mostly because it is composed of 63,55% of post-consumer recycled content. A very interesting and ecological asset for businesses!


*N.B. The FlexiSnap magnetic access door and panel can contribute to obtaining LEED credits. You may download the LEED technical sheets of this product for each LEED certification system indicated in the graphic.


More on Robin Gratton, President of Larix Construction

Robin Graton has been an eco-entrepreneur for over 15 years and he is also the President of Larix Construction. For him, every project must be conceived and thought out in a globally intelligent, energy efficient, and effective way on all levels: plans, selection of materials, construction, and more. He is a member of several important organizations, such as LEED Canada, Novoclimat and Maison Passive Québec et Canada. His latest innovative project, requiring the use of cross-laminated timber (CLT), landed on the cover page of the Maison du 21e siècle magazine. He also regularly contributes to different panels to promote eco-friendly constructions.



*Trademark of Les industries Cendrex inc.