Professional Projects

FlexiSnap access panels: A contractor’s best friend.

If so, you would have at your disposal an access door designed to conceal electrical cabling and pipes.


If time is money, then FlexiSnap is without a doubt your new ally on the jobsites!

Save time, increase profits.

The finishes are what clients notice most when they walk into a new condo or commercial building, which is why this step requires time and care. Although there are many substitutes on the market, FlexiSnap is the only access panel with the technology that allows for our product to be versatile, tough, aesthetically pleasing and easy to install.


Installing the FlexiSnap* can reduce your expenses by at least 35%! For example, you can save up to 900$ in labor costs if you decide to install a total of 50 access panels. This fact will certainly convince your clients to opt for the FlexiSnap magnetic access door.


FlexiSnap* vs. Standard access panels.

Installation time: While a standard access panel takes up to 30 minutes to install, FlexiSnap only takes 2 minutes!

Equipment: Unlike standard panels, which often necessitates a drill, saw and other tools, the FlexiSnap* demands no special equipment for its installation. Also, since the FlexiSnap* panel closes due to its powerful magnets, the door installation is no longer required.

Expertise: Unlike other access panels, the FlexiSnap* can be installed in 3 easy steps. This process does not modify the wall structure or studs.

  1. Cut the opening using the provided template. The frame is adjustable, and it can accommodate any square or rectangular opening.
  2. Install the frame and fold the tabs.
  3. Insert the security cables into the door glides. This will hold the panel once it is open.


A sturdy and versatile access panel.

The FlexiSnap* distinguishes itself due to its powerful magnets. It’s a great device that lets you conceal wiring and pipes everywhere—and we mean everywhere!—even on the ceiling. Plus, you can paint it, cover it with wallpaper and match the panel to any décor for a perfect finish.


FlexiSnap* is a highly durable, quality product for you and your clients. Everyone will benefit from the short installation time and the beautiful finish it provides for any project.