DIY Projects

Ever experienced this kind of problem with your telephone provider? Fix it with FlexiSnap!

Whether you discover a horrible surprise behind your furniture or create a small dent because you’re not as handy as you imagined, it is not unusual to find yourself struggling with a gaping hole!

People often ask themselves how to repair this problem without having to redo their entire wall? Answer? The FlexiSnap access panel! Discreet and aesthetically pleasing, this removable panel allows you to effectively hide wiring, pipes, and holes while providing complete access to these amenities.


For example, we all dealt with a telephone company at one point or another. They usually arrive at our house to install our home phones, cable or wireless internet. But, this one client did not have a great experience. The technician left this unsightly opening in their wall. Not only is this extremely unattractive, but it’s also quite dangerous for homeowners.








While one might think that plastering is the only solution, there is a cost-effective and more efficient option: installing a FlexiSnap panel. The telephone wire now passes through a small hole and the connection plate is hidden behind the sofa, further away. That’s enough to satisfy any homeowner!








For more examples of quick and easy fixes with the FlexiSnap access panel, check our blog regularly!